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Your organic tampon subscription service


How it works

1. Choose your pack.

We’ve pad out our packs with the products to help you through your period.

2. Choose your frequency.

No flow is the same, so let us know when you’d like your pack, and like Mother Nature, we’ll deliver.

3. Discrete delivery.

We don’t want to cramp your style, so no one will ever know you just got a period survival pack delivered.

4. Give back.

No, we don’t want your tampons back. But we will support the girls of Northern Uganda access an education.


Get your PMS* sorted...

*Periodical Monthly Subscription

We've pulled some strings

With your PMS (Periodical Monthly Subscription) you'll receive your box with our products and other little goodies delivered straight to your door.

You spend enough of your life thinking about your period, why not let us make sure your hoo-haa has the best care for down there. 


Organic. Period.

Most women will experience 456 periods, over 38 years. Which is the equivalent of 6.25 years of our life. You could use up to 9,600 tampons. Wouldn’t you like to know your tampons aren’t full of dioxins, bleaches and other unknown chemicals?

Lady bits are the most absorbent part of your body, yet many of us don’t even know what exactly we’re putting up there.


Even tampons that claim to be 100% cotton, aren’t organic and still use pesticides to manufacture the cotton.

That’s why we want to bring you the most organic tampons money can buy. Because your lady bits deserve it. And so does your health.

Find out more about what makes our tampons so great.



We love the gram.